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Magic VXY - 90-90-DQ ɴᴏ ᴏᴜᴛ

Felt so good to be back to do IGP sport and hang out with my friends from all over the country!!!

I’m very pleased with how Magic performed, third National championships for both of us and handler is still learning. This time I experiented my first DQ no out in protection.... What a feeeling!!!!

Congrats to everyone that traveled and trialed, it’s easy to be a Facebook trainer, it’s hard to actually step on the centerline at Championship.

Thank you to the Scarborough Select German Shepherd Club and all GSSCC Judges & members for putting on an outstanding event.

Now, still lot of work to do til winter , Quebec Regional is coming really soon and I have 2 new youngs dogs to show for titles. I’m grateful I can count on all the help and eyes of my friends and club members from CCTQ / Club de chien de travail du Québec and helper who put on lot of time, work and devotion on my dogs Jean-Philippe Mills

Colt have the creativity and determination to do whatever he can dream. I hope you feel proud today and confident in your ability to rise to your next challenge. Congratulations to my favorite new team !

Colt felt in love with Ghost the first time we bring it to USA before COVID. I can't wait to see these two young boy hit the field !

Charlie BoBo z Ditcina dvora (Qvido V/Aura)16 months - BH passed

Eevee von der Staatsmacht 2 yrs. (Uwe von der Heidenschanze/ lupsi(Quardes/Alpha)) IGP 1 94-83(no send out)-96.

Huge thank you to Frank Phillips, Guy Dugre and Jean-Philippe Mills,for helping build Eevee in protection and Ken Trouton for coming down and judging our trial!

Always a pleasure to hang out and train with the members of Cttq/club De chien Travail du Quebec, good vibez, amazing food and an overall great weekend trialling! Congrats to all the participants!

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