Colt have the creativity and determination to do whatever he can dream. I hope you feel proud today and confident in your ability to rise to your next challenge. Congratulations to my favorite new team !

Colt felt in love with Ghost the first time we bring it to USA before COVID. I can't wait to see these two young boy hit the field !

  • Karine Marchand

Charlie BoBo z Ditcina dvora (Qvido V/Aura)16 months - BH passed

Eevee von der Staatsmacht 2 yrs. (Uwe von der Heidenschanze/ lupsi(Quardes/Alpha)) IGP 1 94-83(no send out)-96.

Huge thank you to Frank Phillips, Guy Dugre and Jean-Philippe Mills,for helping build Eevee in protection and Ken Trouton for coming down and judging our trial!

Always a pleasure to hang out and train with the members of Cttq/club De chien Travail du Quebec, good vibez, amazing food and an overall great weekend trialling! Congrats to all the participants!

  • Karine Marchand

Proud of my boy...

Saskatoon was one of the best experience in my career now.. and I had the best time to meet and hang out with the best people !

Here what you need to know before to pack your things. Travelling lonely with a GDS is not so simple! Especially when you have a low budget like me!

Manage your ticket flight with your dog

Rent a car to bring your crate in. (dont forget inssurance)

Rent a room with AIRBNB and ask the owner if he accept dog inside!

Find tracking field

Meet new people to organise some training together