I earned my first IPO 3 in the GSSCC Que

Magic VXY


IPO 1 : 98-89-82 / 269

IPO 2 : 98-87-96 / 274

IPO 3 : 97-93-93 / 283

CWDF : 96-82-TERM

NATIONAL CANADIAN : 91-85-83 /259

Be that strong girl that everyone knew w

Magic is the stereotypical friendly dog who loves everybody and would lead a robber directly to the family’s valuables with a wagging tail. He typically get along with all people, dogs, and even cats. But when it is time to work, he put all his heart and effort to do what I am asking him for. A breeder approached me 4 years ago in an event, he said « hey, I have a beautiful puppy for you, he has a great color, I can send you pictures ». At this time, I was training an another dog, but my boyfriend just left me, so I needed a new challenge to forget all about that low time. When magic entered to my life, he became not just my training partner.

I retired Magic iat the end of the year pf 2019 from IGP and it would’ve be the smartest decision I’ve ever made. In the beginning of a struggling season, Magic injured his back in an unknown situation, and was evaluated by a neurologist and specialists. The results showed an issue and pain in the S7 disc, it could be sacred limbo syndrome, hernis or muscle trauma. To confirm the diagnostic, they suggest me to do the IRM. But I did not have the money to do it, so the specialist suggested me to manage the pain with medication during competition time. I was hoping it was only muscle trauma and he could heal with time, with some rest and smart training, because the vet told me his case wasn’t ‘’that worst’’ as it could be, so I may try the medications. But even if Magic seemed better from one week to the next, the pain was still present, difficulty jumping, sitting down, running ... But Magic is the type of dog who will kill himself to make me happy ... So I juggled between his desire to please me and my desire to reach my goals, which made me blind of his real health condition.

In preparation for the 2019 regional, after an excellent tracking like he used to it, I went to OB training at the field with a friend, I just asked Magic to bark at me to start my warm up as usually, and then he started to scream of pain. At this time, I looked at him, and have that weird feeling inside me… and said ‘’ OK Buddy, I feel you now, it’s over, I am done with you, you did enough for me…I’m sorry that I did try anyway,, but now I let you be the pet dog you always wished for.

I think one of the most wonderful things about the way that this whole story turned out is that for like the entire 4 years in our career, every words that I hear about me and Magic was, ‘’This is going to be a failure. Magic is a shitty dog, he’s obedience is shitty; you will never show a high level routine with that dog. You are nothing without my help. If you are doing great, it’s because of me.’’ And you know, it really did wonders for my self-esteem. It was really great to hear people saying that I was going to be a flop with Magic by myself. I’ve learned a lot. I’ve learned that bad guys will try to take the credit of your work and your accomplishments for only for 2 reasons: the money and the fame. I’ve learned to recognize the fake guys who using people and dogs for the business. One other thing that I’ve learned is life is really unpredictable and people can make forecasts, and they can make predictions but Magic has taught me not to be led by obstructions and setbacks but instead… to be led by DREAMS. I’m smart enough to know that those lessons can enrich who I am and where I go from here.

I’m convinced that the end of this teamwork is just a beginning of something I haven’t even discovered yet. Life is not shrinking for me; it’s morphing into a whole new world of possibilities.

Zelda von der Nate

IPO 1 : 94-88-91 / 273 1st place & high Tracking
IPO 2 : 97-84-93 / 274 3rd place Provincial 

Zelda entered in my life at the age of 5 months, someone offered to train and keep her to compete with after Ikko left. It was my first experience with a female and I quickly became attached to her. I had a very special bond with this GSD. She had a ''big motor'' drive. An exceptional dog. We had built a very solid, trusting relationship.

From the age of 15 months we start to run the fields to obtain the titles but also places on the podium.in 6 months, she got a BH, IPO1 and IPO2. Even if she was trained and ready to make the IPO3, the owner took the decision to breed her. I flew to Germany with Zelda with me and I met Carina Wagner and her famous GSD Hopper vom Brachtpetal (take a look on my blog post about this amazing trip)

Zelda gave birth to 6 puppies then I had to make the hard decision to return Zelda to the owner for personal reasons. I wished to have the opportunity to keep her because we were very connected to each other.

In 2019, Zelda was qualified to the WUSV with a new handler as an alternate, so she didn't participate, but I'm very proud, cause all my work pays off. Magic + Zelda + Ike have been participating in the same national event and two of them reached the top 10 (Magic & Zelda) with 3 different handlers. This is really something to be happy and proud of.

I will always remember this special female..

IPO1 94-89-91 (provincial championship)
Zelda 🍀🌺💗#protection #schutzhund #ipo
Just earn IPO1 With 2 females at the pro
Good training with my Little girl 🐕❤️.j
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Jenny VXY

IPO1: 87-80-86

See, I'm true, my trainings are where my
Dumbbell + front position 🐺  #wintertra

BJORN von der Sealand



IPO1 : 96- DQ -X-
IPO1 : 94-87-82 / 263
IPO2 : 92-88-82 / 262

Ikko Vikar

Ikko has been my first working dog in the sport, an import of the Vikar Kennel from the Czech Republic.

He was a dog with lots of character. This dog was one of by biggest achievement in my career because he was a very serious dog. We participated in several competitions together and he was very strong in tracking.

He stayed with me for 3 years. We passed the title: BH- IPO1-IPO2, he was later sold to Winnipeg and continued his career with his new owner. I was lucky to see them participate in Saskatoon in the world Canadian qualification in 2019