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-Charlie BoBo z Ditcina Dvora won High in trial 98-86 (sit motion missed), 94 …under judge Dorwin Anderson ….feeling super proud of my little young boy with a very promising future….

- Eevee von der Staatsmacht earn his IGP2 this weekend ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥

Im so happy to share this moment with my best friend Sonia Perusse, we work so hard since a long time together and I just love this human being

Congratz to everybody and really great helper work and nice catch

Now time to have a break and take care of myself and my baby

I earned my first IPO 3 in the GSSCC Que

Magic VXY


IPO 1 : 98-89-82 / 269

IPO 2 : 98-87-96 / 274

IPO 3 : 97-93-93 / 283

CWDF : 96-82-TERM

NATIONAL CANADIAN : 91-85-83 /259

Be that strong girl that everyone knew w

Magic is the stereotypical friendly dog who loves everybody and would lead a robber directly to the family’s valuables with a wagging tail. He typically get along with all people, dogs, and even cats. But when it is time to work, he put all his heart and effort to do what I am asking him for. A breeder approached me 4 years ago in an event, he said « hey, I have a beautiful puppy for you, he has a great color, I can send you pictures ». At this time, I was training an another dog, but my boyfriend just left me, so I needed a new challenge to forget all about that low time. When magic entered to my life, he became not just my training partner.

Zelda von der Nate

IPO 1 : 94-88-91 / 273 1st place & high Tracking
IPO 2 : 97-84-93 / 274 3rd place Provincial 

Zelda entered in my life at the age of 5 months, someone offered to train and keep her to compete with after Ikko left. It was my first experience with a female and I quickly became attached to her. I had a very special bond with this GSD. She had a ''big motor'' drive. An exceptional dog. We had built a very solid, trusting relationship.

From the age of 15 months we start to run the fields to obtain the titles but also places on the 6 months, she got a BH, IPO1 and IPO2. Even if she was trained and ready to make the IPO3, the owner took the decision to breed her. I flew to Germany with Zelda with me and I met Carina Wagner and her famous GSD Hopper vom Brachtpetal (take a look on my blog post about this amazing trip)

Zelda gave birth to 6 puppies then I had to make the hard decision to return Zelda to the owner for personal reasons. I wished to have the opportunity to keep her because we were very connected to each other.

In 2019, Zelda was qualified to the WUSV with a new handler as an alternate, so she didn't participate, but I'm very proud, cause all my work pays off. Magic + Zelda + Ike have been participating in the same national event and two of them reached the top 10 (Magic & Zelda) with 3 different handlers. This is really something to be happy and proud of.

I will always remember this special female..

IPO1 94-89-91 (provincial championship)
Zelda 🍀🌺💗#protection #schutzhund #ipo
Just earn IPO1 With 2 females at the pro
Good training with my Little girl 🐕❤️.j
#ipo #trainingdog #shutzhund #ipodog #ge

Jenny VXY

IPO1: 87-80-86

See, I'm true, my trainings are where my
Dumbbell + front position 🐺  #wintertra

BJORN von der Sealand



IPO1 : 96- DQ -X-
IPO1 : 94-87-82 / 263
IPO2 : 92-88-82 / 262

Ikko Vikar

Ikko has been my first working dog in the sport, an import of the Vikar Kennel from the Czech Republic.

He was a dog with lots of character. This dog was one of by biggest achievement in my career because he was a very serious dog. We participated in several competitions together and he was very strong in tracking.

He stayed with me for 3 years. We passed the title: BH- IPO1-IPO2, he was later sold to Winnipeg and continued his career with his new owner. I was lucky to see them participate in Saskatoon in the world Canadian qualification in 2019

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